Hola! My name is Andrea Montealegre and I am a Nicaraguan New Media Designer graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology. 

My culture is directly correlated to hospitality, which is what lead me to user experience design. I want to focus on helping other people have better experiences but I also want to learn how to do this from beyond the screen. This desire has lead me towards experiential design, a discipline I hope to research and perfect as my next focused learning experience. Besides UX/UI and experiential design, I am curious about illustration, motion graphics, and creative coding. I keep myself inspired by learning new disciplines and technologies hoping they will serve me on my mission towards designing a better future.

Things I am nuts about include mi familia, Daft Punk, hats, and the beach. Want to find me? I am either working in my room with all my plant friends, at my favorite professor's office hours, trying to convince talented students to collaborate with me, brainstorming with a peer over lemonade, or dancing salsa on a not so cold weekend in downtown Rochester.

I am looking for employment upon graduation this Spring, so feel free to hit me up if you'd like to hear me talk about my work in a Spanish accent.