At the beginning of each new semester or school year, teachers are faced with the challenge of remembering names for a large number of new students.

Atendo is a mobile application that tests a teachers knowledge of their student's names while they take attendance. As teacher's get better at knowing the student's names, Atendo recompenses them with easier and faster interactions for taking attendance. 

Role   Concept, User Experience & Interaction, Visual, & Motion

Catalyst   Google Interview Process and Design Challenge

Teachers are too busy

Most professors and teachers barely have time between classes to get mentally prepared for the next class; much less to review their student’s names

Teachers have tons of students

Some teachers have up to 400 students from different grades. Teachers with several students would need an organized way of grouping and searching through students.

Teachers can’t get distracted in class

If teachers were to use an application during class time, it would have to provide quick and easy interactions in order to allow professors to keep their eyes and attention on their students.

International or Hard to Pronounce Names

Students from certain countries adopt American names to make it easier on their classmates and teachers but are still graded or shown on the school system by their original name. 

For international or students with unique names, some pronunciations may be a challenge to professors. 

Students with Disabilities

Deaf and Hard of Hearing students have sign names so teachers have to memorize both their sign and their written name for grading purposes. 

Teachers need to be aware of students who has special needs in order to be able to cater to them and avoid embarrassment for both teacher and student beyond remembering their name.


information Architecture2information Architecture2

Attendance Level One

Level One provides Full Access Card View. Users can view all the information on a student and scroll through the cards to note the attendance of each student. 


1. Title

2. Grid View

3. Here, Late, Excused, Absent Buttons

4. Student Photos

5. Student Name & Nickname

6. Media Button (Audio Pronunciation or Video Sign Name)

7. Facts (Disabilities, Origin, Languages, ext)

8. Notes & Tagged Students

9. Slide through Students

Attendance Level Two

Level Two provides Hidden Name Card View. Users are no longer allowed to view any information that gives away the name of the student including nicknames, audio pronunciation, and sign name video.


1. Reveal Name Button

Attendance Level Three

Level Three provides Grid Photo Only View. Users are rewarded their success remembering students names with a level that provides a quick and easy interaction where more than a single student's attendance can be noted at once. User's are provided solely a student's photo in grid view but can access the same information provided in level two with the touch of the card view button. 


1. Card View Button

2. Selected Attendance

3. Unselected Attendance

4. Student Photo - Reveals Name

5. Unselected Student

6. Selected Student

Pos Attendance Review

When attendance is over, a user is invited to review the student's they forgot and had to use the reveal option for. Different tips are offered every time to teach the user the methods used around the world for name remembering.


1. Tips

2. Student Photo

3. Student Name


Leah Frasier

An English professor at the National Institute for the Deaf at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Extensive Search Options

Marco Rodriguez

An elementary school Spanish teacher at a private school in Houston, Texas.

Janet Robinson

A highschool math teacher at her local public school in Reston, Virginia. 


Wait there's more!

Interested in checking out all the iterations and motion studies I did before arriving at this solution? Check out Atendo's iteration graveyard below.

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