The only thing standing between a hard working student and knowledge is lack of access. Having access to resources, students have the world at their feet; unless the increasing flow of incoming information is disorganized. Rit has the resources, all we have to do is get organized.

My Courses is RIT's course management website.

Students use it to access lesson plans, assignments, classlists, discussion boards, surveys, quizzes, grades, and dropboxes. I realized, however, that students don't love nor make use of most of these tools, neither do their teachers.


School Project


10 Weeks, Fall 2015


UX, UI, User Research


What do most student users ask themselves before entering myCourses?

What is due this week?



The most used and important features are not the most accessible. 


Home page hosts a lot of relatively irrelevant information.

Real Estate

Current courses should not hold the same amount of hierarchical importance as old courses. 

The users voted that if they could have anything new, they would like to be able to access myCourses through their phones so that they access their homework quickly on the go. After understanding the accessibility problem, I decided to create a split screen interface that allows users to see their assignments and complete the assignments then and there. It would allow for better flow and greater organizing of content. Lastly, I thought about what the purpose of myCourses is and realized that every user goes into myCourses thinking mostly: “What is due this week in class?” This lead me to decide on incorporating a weekly schedule to allow myCourses to quickly provide students with what they need.


1.  User clicks on courses dropdown arrow to search for an old class. 

2. Dropdown arrow reveals the options to edit the list of current classes, change the names of the courses, and search all courses. 

3. When deciding to search courses, an area to type presents itself as well as the most recent past searches

4. When the user begins to type in options, recent past search options are replaces by classes that are correlated with what the user is typing. 


thank you.