Zoetrope provides further understanding of the delicate content in every movie through data visualization.

What movie should I watch with my family tonight? is a question parents ask themselves almost every weekend.

Parents are worried because they are unprepared. With Zoetrope, parents know exactly what their kids are watching and are prepared to save their family’s movie experience.

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School Project


5 Weeks, Fall 2016


Concept, Data Visualization, Research, UX/UI, Visual Design, Animation

The Brand

A Zoetrope produces the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of that motion. Because the interface is a circular data, I decided to call the app after this pre-film animation device. 

I thought I wanted to work with this shape to create a 3d interface that allowed the user to move inside the zoetrope to examine the different scenes of the movies. Sketches of all ideas are produced below.



of parents believe the rating system is inaccurate


of parents find the ratings not useful

ZoeTrope - Page 1ZoeTrope - Page 1

The questionnaire is one of the core parts of the Zoetrope experience because it allows the user to quickly pick a movie based on the things they like. Size different movie genres are provided followed by a filter list. This list can have filters added to it and once they are, they are never removed until the user decides to edit the list. 

User picks between 6 movie genres. Having less options allows the user to pick more quickly and with more ease. 

User is provided a list of filters that breakdown the genre they picked.

User can add filters to the genre's list of filters and they are stored forever unless edited out. 


This feature allows the user to follow the movie with the app. The user can dislike a scene in the list view and can dislike an entire sensibility in the navigation slide down. The timer begins when the user starts the movie. When the scene that the user disliked is a minute away, the phone releases a notification warning the user.

User is provided a circular timeline of the movie filled colors that represent different types of sensibilities. User can select a sensibily they would like to be the most careful with on the top tab.

User plays play to start timer with the movie. 

When close to a sensible scene, Zoetrope notifies its user. 

thank you.